March Madness

Many people view us here at TONY as a bunch of snarky, self-satisfied narcissists.
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Yes, it's true, don't bother to deny it. Whether it's art, music or anything else under the sun, there is no opinion that we respect more highly than our own. So it is natural that our vain, brain-eating tentacles would eventually worm their suckered way into the world of sports.

In celebration of our continued collective omniscience, we challenge you to beat us in picking the winners in the upcoming NCAA tournament. All you have to do is register at ESPN (it's free) and make your picks. Once you have a bracket, click "Create or Join a Group," search for our public group "TONY Ball" and join. If you already have brackets on ESPN, just enter our group and take us on. We dare you to prove that we're not the best at everything.

In the unlikely event that someone actually defies the odds and beats us, we may even scare up some prize from around the office.