McGreevey poster-boy fallout

So I just got off the phone with my good pals Richard Renaldi and Seth Boyd, two of the sweetest men I ever did meet. They are also, in case you haven't heard, the reluctant costars in a flurry of articles that have been obsessing over Diana Matos-McGreevey's claims against ex-hubby Jim, including one that he had exposed his daughter to a naked portrait of Seth, taken by Richard, that had been purchased several years ago by McGreevey's partner (and Richard's friend) Mark O'Donnell.

fullfrontal.jpgThe pro-photog couple called from the midst of a ramblin' Midwest road trip to tell me that what had begun as a source of amusement—the sight of Seth's hot, bare torso on the front page of the Post, some oddly aggro phone calls from an Inside Edition reporter seeking "their side of the story" ("We don't have a side of the story!" Seth told her) the sad idea that seeing a beautiful naked man is tantamount to child abuse—has turned, ultimately, to an annoyance that's even gotten scary. Death-threat scary.

"Richard received an e-mail that was sort of a rambling rant against him for exposing Jim McGreevey's daughter to smut and porn," Seth told me (Richard was driving, and focused on the road). "Then it said that Richard had brought 'shame upon New Jersey,' and that we shouldn't be surprised if we had firebombs blown through our windows, and it ended by saying, 'But you didn't here it from me,' with hear spelled h-e-r-e." The e-mail sounded like it was written by a "late-night, up-at-the-computer-at-2am weirdo," he added. But Richard was a bit shaken up nonetheless—as was Seth, who got an e-mail from a friend he hadn't heard from in 30 years, and as was Seth's poor mom, who received a call at her home in Kentucky from the rabid Inside Edition lady!

And then there's the bitchy queen at Queerty, who wrote the nastiest little message to Richard on his blog. Talk about shame—on New Jersey, New York and fags everywhere!

Seriously, people: Leave my boys alone.