Morning glory


With everyone buzzing about Holly Peterson's studly romance novel, The Manny (and the adjoining music video), this is shaping up to be the summer of the himbo. Helping things along, underwear purveyors 2(x)ist—you know, the company whose homoerotic bus posters get straight guys all flustered—is foisting its comely (if intellectually challenged) models on the public, with the promise of free morning java.

On Tuesday June 19, from around 7am to noon, tighty-whitey-clad mannequins will be giving it away (um, coffee that is) at TrafficCatch Media's coffee kiosk on Seventh Avenue and 39th Street. And despite the inherent danger in having practically naked models holding flimsy cups of piping-hot joe, the event's planners are optimistic about the results:

"Having hot guys in their fashionable underwear give out free cups of coffee in the heart of the fashion district is a great way to wake up New Yorkers to the virtues of their product," said TrafficCatch director Jerry Cahn, adding that ""2(x) known for providing superb quality, alluring styling and straightforward packaging."

We're not so sure about that—the package in the ad we saw yesterday seemed to be angling a little to the left.