Oh Mary, please!

So you've probably heard by now that Mary Cheney is preggers. A press release announcing the upcoming arrival of the Republican spawn arrived in my in-box yesterday, and I couldn't bear to read it until just now. Where to begin? First, did you know her wife is a 45-year-old former park ranger? Did those two meet on the Appalachian Trail or what? And how did Mary get pregnant? The mind reels.

The Family Pride website warns that the moms will find inequities in their home state of Virginia when it comes to how they are viewed as parents. It says: "The tragedy here is that this climate of hostility toward the LGBT community has only worsened during the administration of which Vice President Cheney—or Grandfather Cheney, in this context—has been second in command." Perhaps Mary should have thought of the implications back when she was a key aid during daddy's 2004 election campaign.

But still, the Most Asinine Award goes to Carrie Gordon Earll, of that wretched, god-awful Focus on the Family. "Love can't replace a mom or a dad," she said. No, but some sperm and a couple of queers can, Carrie! Wake up, fool.