Photo of the day: “WWII & NYC” at New-York Historical Society

An exhibit on New Yorkers during wartime opens this Friday.

Ford Subcontract Work at Sperry

Ford Subcontract Work at Sperry Photograph: Courtesy of the Hagley Museum and Library

The New-York Historical Society takes a multifaceted approach to examining World War II in this new exhibit "WWII & NYC," which opens Fri 5. The show will be staged throughout the museum, and includes artifacts such as propaganda posters, photographs and military uniforms. In addition to looking at how New Yorkers responded to the conflict—it’s estimated that approximately 900,000 denizens served in the armed forces during that time—the show will also examine how the city’s status as a manufacturing epicenter contributed to the war effort, both in terms of job creation and the bolstering of industries such as advertising and publishing.

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