Photos of the day: Hurricane Sandy hits Brooklyn

Hurricane Sandy is hitting New York today—how are you riding out the storm?

Good afternoon, New York! By now we're all safely indoors and out of the path of Hurricane Sandy, right? The storm is currently chugging its way up the East Coast, and is expected to make landfall sometime this evening. We're blogging from Gowanus, Brooklyn, where some parts of the neighborhood are in danger of being flooded by the Gowanus Canal. (We're safe in Zone C.) The photos above were taken around 11am; the waterway had already risen nearly to the level of the 9th Street Bridge, and it wasn't even high tide yet.

As the storm gets closer to NYC, conditions will only worsen; here are a few links that we've found helpful for keeping tabs on Sandy's progress and what's happening in the city:

- Google has a Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map that shows shelter locations, the storm's current location and other helpful elements.
- Official updates from city agencies and Mayor Bloomberg can be found at
- The New York Times has suspended its paywall for the duration of the storm.
- WNYC has flood tracking maps, as well as a map of evacuation zones in the city—and seriously, folks, if you're in Zone A and haven't evacuated yet, DO IT NOW.
- The Awl made a list of good things to watch on Netflix, as long as the power stays on. You can also check out these great New York–set films, all of which are on our list of the 100 best NYC films.
- And should the power go out, we've got 50 things that you can do sans electricity.

Stay safe and dry, folks. And let us know how you're riding out the storm—we've got some wine and a few books at the ready. How about you?