Photos: Regretsy art auction at Housing Works

  • Photograph: Eric Harvey Brown

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    Regretsey Art AuctionReally? You wouldn't buy a plush vagina, or knitted penis?...

Photographs: Eric Harvey Brown

The ridiculous, slightly twisted items up for grabs at last night's Regretsy art auction at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe aren't the sort of things you would find at your local Target (unless the stockists have a thing for crocheted penises). But this is precisely why the hand-crafted pieces—the aforementioned cotton dicks, photographs of scary clowns and a bloodied doll with teeth for eyes—are so valuable: Not only are they completely unique, they're absolutely bonkers. (Can you imagine a better conversation piece than a soft, plush vagina—with eyes? No, you cannot.) April Winchell, who founded Regretsy in 2009, was on hand to play auctioneer; a bevy of items, some of which have been featured in the Regretsy book, were for sale, and people were really serious about buying them. (One woman traveled from Philadelphia to attend—and to purchase a pillow emblazoned with "Whimsicle.") And in the end, more than $1,000 was raised for Housing Works.