Question of the day

You're losing your taste buds tomorrow. Where would you eat tonight?

Noah Tarnow: "Peter Luger"

Andrea Scott: "Joe's Shanghai soup dumplings"

Kate Lowenstein: "At a bar in Park Slope called Soda. I'd eat their onion rings, which are the most doughy, greasy, delicious things around."

Clare Lambe: "Craft on 19th Street"

Cristina Black: "I would go to Chikalicious Dessert Bar because my sweet buds are the most important. The rest can go to hell. Wait, I changed my answer. I'd would join Noah Tarnow at Peter Luger then go to Chikalicious after. Is that cheating?"

Ethan LaCroix: "Buttercream frosting from Billy's Bakery. Without cake under it. Mmmmm...."

Elisabeth Vincentelli: "Le Pain de sucre, a pastry shop on rue Rambuteau, Paris."

Andrew Toal: Popeyes, son! [Alison's note: Is he addressing me as "son"? As in he would eat at Popeyes? Or he'd eat Popeye's son? I don't understand the youth of today.]

Jane Borden: "Totonno's on Coney Island... Or my Mom's Thanksgiving dinner."

David Cote: "Margaritas and steak burrito at El Centro on Ninth Avenue, then espresso and apple tart tatin (1/2 a brownie) at Caf Forant on West 51st Street."

Amy Plitt: "A crab restaurant in Baltimore called Obrycki's, which has the most delicious, painfully spicy steamed crabs in the universe, and really good Baltimore-brewed beer."

Lee Magill: "Lan, for scrumptious ocean life, Japanese-style."

Mike Wolf: "The Sri Lanka Curry House, Minneapolis" [Alison's note: Don't tell Mike, but I think this place is closed. Of course, perhaps he knows this and is figuring that in a world where your taste buds are being obliterated tomorrow, your favorite restaurant would be open.]

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