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In the '80s film Weird Science, two nerds (a scrawny Anthony Michael Hall and a bad-sweater-wearing Ilan Mitchell-Smith) harness their virtuosic computer skills to create the perfect woman: striking, clever and into guy stuff. Kristin Baker could be the product of some such experiment. Despite her moony-eyed, apple-cheeked appearance, her paintings—which explode with smoking race cars and busted orange cones—whiff of testosterone. Her first NYC show, in 2003 at Deitch Projects, garnered her a hipster following and helped score her some wallspace at Sattchi Gallery in London (which would have been even more impressive had she not just received an M.F.A. from Yale). On March 15, Baker presents a new body of sci-fi landscapes at Deitch's Wooster Street space. If you can't make the opening, you can catch her at the Guggenheim on Wednesday 21, when she'll be speaking as part of the museum's "Conversations with Contemporary Artists" lecture series.