Real-world Queens

When artists make the move to far-flung Queens, it's usually because a capacious warehouse loft or an industrial-sized studio beckons. But this Sunday, six brave souls take up residence in the teensiest Long Island City home imaginable: a four-story house only 24 inches wide. The move is part of a performative project at SculptureCenter called Flatland: Another Romance of Many Dimensions, wherein artists Ward Shelley, Pelle Brage, Eva LaCour, Douglas Paulson, Maria Petsching and Alex Schweder "strip away an entire spatial dimension" from their existences for three weeks to live like amoebas squeezed between two microscope slides. Rules of living in Flatland: Each participant must engage their scant spaces, developing site-specific improv performances over the course of the exhibition. If an artist goes stir-crazy and leaves his room, he cannot reenter. The project ends on May 20 or when everyone has (understandably) walked out. Voyeurs can see the artists in their unnatural habitats throughout the run of the show via live-feed videos on their website,

(Flatland is part of a larger SculptureCenter exhibition, "The Happiness of Objects," on view Sun 29--Jul 29.)