Relax here: Cupping night at Joe the Art of Coffee

joecoffeeCaffeine hounds (or caf-fiends, as I like to call 'em) should take note of this coffee tasting, happening tonight at the West Village outpost of Joe the Art of Coffee (9 E 13 St between Fifth Ave and University Pl; 212-924-7400, At 6pm, a cupping (a term used by baristas, coffee importers and people who like to sound fancy) will take place, with free samples of yummy coffee in the company of others who appreciate the nuances of a good bean. During the cupping process, hot water is poured directly over the grounds, thus allowing you to taste the resulting brew in its purest form. Tonight's coffee klatch is free and open to the public. Just beware of a caffeine overload—remember, we're trying to relax here.

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