Relax here: Tree-themed exhibit at Gallery House

Take some time to breathe tonight at eARTh, an exhibit of paintings and photography at Gallery House (272 Clinton Ave between DeKalb and Willoughby Aves, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn; 808-385-0312,; 7:30--11pm), united by one motif: trees.

Rather than showcasing exotic or psychedelic works, the gallery is focusing on pieces that help the viewer reconnect with nature and take a break from the daily grind. While there won't be actual trees inside the gallery (what do you think this is, the Guggenheim?), there will certainly be plenty to look at. No two of the 17 artists on view have interpreted the theme in quite the same way, and the results are bold, dreamy and colorful.

So far, visitors have been able to schedule viewings only by appointment, but tonight there's an opening reception for the public and a raffle (the winner gets to take home an original artwork from the leafy collection). Tonight's event is free, but throughout the exhibit's run, all proceeds will go directly to MillionTreesNYC, an initiative set up by the City of New York and the New York Restoration Project that aims to plant 1 million trees by the year 2017. Unrealistic? Maybe not—to date, they've planted about 250,000 in greenery-deprived areas all over the city. If you're interested, why not check it out and volunteer?

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