Richard Meier's got a lot to answer for!

It's all uber-architect Richard Meier's fault. This morning, after I breezed into our Guastavino-tiled lobby, I got to spend some quality time with the towering silver fox himself (Meier's offices are on the sixth floor of what we now call the TONY building). So, the Dick (like the Donald, but with better hair) and I (okay, plus a building maintenance man) shared an elevator up. But the elevator stopped. Dead. The display told us we on the 14th floor, but actually it was more like the fourth, which is where Isaac Mizrahi's offices are—now that's a guy who gives good elevator, but I digress. Mr. Meier was not happy. He turned to the maintenance man and demanded, masterfully I might add, to know just what the hell was going on. Now, while Dick was grilling the maintenance man, I was busy trying to think of winning conversational gambits and picturing a meaningful get-to-know-you session with the almighty architect. It wasn't to be. A juddering lurch and an alarming moment when we were definitely going down while the display showed us on the top floor and heading up, and we began to move. The doors opened, and Dick sprinted out with nary a backward glance. All of which got me thinking that I really should check out "Going Public 2: City Snapshot(s) and Case Studies of the Mayor's Design and Construction Excellence Initiative" at the Center for Architecture on La Guardia Place. If you get there at 4pm on a Friday, a chipper staffer will take you by the figurative hand and give you a tour of the exhibit. Trouble is, I decided I wanted to do this at 5pm. Bloody typical.