Sarah Small does boobs and booze


Sarah Small, like TONY, has tapped into the ancient wisdom that nudity turns heads. Last Saturday, in a Greenpoint studio, the photographer, who snaps group studio shots of visually diverse figures, assembled a bunch of her models and enlisted the sponsorship of a vodka company, throwing a tableau vivant mixer replete with cocktails. This marked the first time I witness performance art tipsy.

After everyone had their drinks, the models strutted out in a line to chanting music and took their poses on stage with resident taxidermies. Most were naked, a few not; bodybuilder Michelle from Connecticut wore her bikini, and another chick sported nothing but heels, topless lingerie and a giant, blond Afro wig.

While the naked folks did really kept my attention going—especially when Small occasionally directed them to make out or shake their fists in anger—what was most interesting about the performance, artistically speaking, was not necessarily the models, but rather the audience. They were going nuts, taking pictures with their iPhones and whispering to each other, "You think they're gonna fuck?" I happily passed on the tidbit I'd heard from one of Small's Bulgarian folk-singing buddies that she had given them permission to do just that. Whatever one's feelings about the project in general, that certainly would have been art.--David Levitz

Photos courtesy David Rosenzweig