Sephora launches Nail Studio Art+Lacquer Services

  • Manicure station at Sephora Nail Studio Art + Lacquer Services

  • Sample nail art designs

  • Sephora by OPI Chic Prints for Nails nail patches, $15 per sheet

Manicure station at Sephora Nail Studio Art + Lacquer Services

Harajuku girls aren't the only ones who can pull off a little sass and kitsch these days, now that bold and colorful nail art has been popping up all over NYC. As such, Sephora has partnered with airport salon company XpresSpa to provide rad in-store manicures and educate clients on how to re-create the looks at home. Two small stations are set up near the entrance of the store, each featuring menus that detail the masterful nail art creations and color combinations available (there are more than fifty designs to choose from!). The extensive polish selection from heavy hitters like Sephora by OPI, Illamasqua, Dior and Nars has nearly every color in the rainbow showcased on a sleek, black display unit that also houses nail maintenance tools, DIY nail art stencils ($5), and an iPad to help guide your shade and style choices. Edge up your fingertips with a design that takes regular black polish to rock & roll status with a half-glossy, half-matte pattern ($3 per nail), or decorate your nail beds with more playful stick-on patches that are easy to use, come in an assortment of prints like leopard-print and florals, and are smudge-free ($22--$30). The best part? No appointment is necessary and the salon is open until midnight, making the trek through Times Square so worth it. Sephora Times Square, 200 W 42nd St at Seventh Ave (212-737-4672, Daily 10am-midnight.