Skin trade



I'm pretty hostile toward the hotties at Abercrombie & Fitch--especially the shirtless models who greet customers as they walk in. Some of us don't have five hours a day to spend at the gym, and there's a never-ending barrage of cupcakes that find their way into our office. (Seriously, it's like that Simpsons episode in whch Homer goes to Hell and they strap him into the doughnut-eating machine.)

That's why I was so tickled by the latest stunt from those mischievous imps at Improv Everywhere: Last Saturday, more than 100 shirtless guys--with abs ranging from washboards to washing machines--stormed the flagship A&F on Fifth Avenue and wreaked mirthful havok to the enjoyment of customers (and the consternation of management, who, oddly enough, invoked the "no shirt, no service" retail mantra).

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