Taxi cab recap

Five highlights from this morning's Taxi 07: Roads Forward press conference in Times Square:

(1) In the next ten years, the TLC plans to institute (or at least consider) ride-share fares, raise its peak-period surcharge (from $1 to $2), adjust the medallion transfer tax, install additional taxi stands in congested neighborhoods, replace low-demand bus routes with taxis, put a cap on permissible greenhouse-gas emissions and create an incentive rewards system for drivers on their best behavior. (Dude last night who refused to take me to Williamsburg, you're so busted.)

(2) There are 12,717 standard medallions, 25 "converts" (standard medallions used on hybrid vehicles), 254 alternative-fuel medallions and 81 wheelchair-accessible medallions. The average market price for a medallion is half a million dollars, and most owners owe about $1,500 a month on their medallion loan.

(3) In response to NYC/TLC commissioner Matt Daus's comment that taxis will "continue to improve for the next 100 years," Jean Ryan, of the Taxis for All wheelchair-accessibility campaign, screamed "We can't wait 100 more years! We can't get a cab now!"

(4) Sixty percent of all taxi riders are female. One quarter of all taxi riders report an annual income of $150,000 or more; another quarter earn less than $25,000 per year.

(5) The Roads Forward book has eight primary authors, some of whom were hovering near the sidelines at the press conference. At the end, one writer turned toward the group and said, "Who wants to go get mimosas?"

Additional reporting by Fareed Mostoufi