"That's it?!? But we didn't talk about anything!"

Yes, yes, it's true, Michael Showalter. I interviewed you thrice today for WPS1 Art Radio—for Out There with Time Out New York on WPS1 Art Radio to be exact—and we didn't really talk about anything—well, none of the planned stuff, not even when your pal Michael Ian Black called in to get in on the hot interview action, and by that I mean we called him on his cell phone—but I've always found that interviews go best when you take your question sheet and just tear that sucker up and then just listen. If only I'd done that. But people know, you know? They know when you're being false. They feel it. They feel it right here. In the fanny pack.


The interviews, all three of them, were part of an interview series, or cycle, if you will, which was accidentally started last month. To hear the first installment, go here, and then find episode No. 16. The new ones will be up and streaming soonish.