The six best things to do this week

  • Tuesday 9

  • Tuesday 9

  • Tuesday 9

  • Friday 12

  • Saturday 13

  • Sunday 14

Tuesday 9

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Tuesday 9
Burlesque dancers Miss Em, Agent N and others will toss tassels at Sweet Nothings Striptease, a performance and mixer at Public Assembly.

Padgett Powell reads from and discusses his novel The Interrogative Mood, an eccentric and readable novel composed entirely of questions. The specific queries themselves are by turns hilarious and mysterious (question: Who's asking the questions?). More broadly, this stylish book explores the possibilities of prose—and the possibilities of life itself.

Los Angeles label TenOverSix's pop-up shop at Future Perfect is bringing a taste of Cali to New Yawk through April 15.

Friday 12
Erik Gandini's doc Videocracy shines a light on how Italy's celebrity obsession has warped its populace.

Saturday 13
Spend Valentine's Eve in a Russian bath, surrounded by half-naked dancing hotties, during Gemini & Scorpio's annual Steamy Bath Party.

Sunday 14
The World Famous *BOB* hosts Filthy Gorgeous: Valentine Burlesque Brunch, a naughty little show starring Jo Boobs, Ms. Tickle, Nasty Canasta, Tigger, Little Miss Lixx and many more.