The Toronto International Film Festival: A prelude


There's a reason why Team Film goes to Toronto every year—and it has something to do with this zombie. (She's from the latest by George Romero, the king himself, whose new thriller has its North American premiere this weekend.) Mainly, we come ravenous, prepared to gorge on four or five titles a day. Toronto is the most comprehensive of the world's film events, showcasing work from Cannes, Berlin and Sundance, but also Venice—which is happening right now—and the forthcoming New York Film Festival. Top-flight directors are in attendance; this year brings new stuff from the Coen brothers, Steven Soderbergh, France's Claire Denis (swoon), Michael Moore, a multitude of others. There are, by my count, no less than three entries that deal expressly with the apocalypse, including the long-delayed The Road. And there will surely be unexpected discoveries. Our plane leaves in a matter of hours. Check this site daily for all the dirt, dish, scoop, reviews, buzz and goings-on. For ten days, TONY will get a glimpse at the next 12 months of significant cinema. So will you.

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