Three good-byes

First, to the annual PrideFest, which Heritage of Pride has been forced to cancel after the mayor's office denied its permit to move the 15th annual street fair from the West Village to Chelsea. Sure, it's a sunbaked mob scene, but how can we have Pride without it? Do yourself and HOP (all volunteers) a favor, and write to the mayor (instructions at the above link).

Second, to the amazing Carroll & Graf publishers, a division of Avalon that's published a slew of LGBT titles over the year—The IHOP Papers by Ali Liebegott, Sarah Schulman's The Child, Different Daughters by Marcia Gallo, Baby Remember My Name, edited by Michelle Tea, and on and on—thanks to the fortitude and passion of Don Weise. Avalon made the surprise announcement that the division will be dissolved immediately, creating yet a brand-new hole in the world of LGBT publishing. Why, people, why?

Third, to JetBlue, my favorite airline. No, it's not going anywhere, but I'm afraid I can't fly it anymore—and you might not want to, either—after learning that the founder/CEO-turned-chairman David Neeleman plans to spend time raising money for for fellow Mormon Mitt Romney. What??!! Sorry, I can't fly on an airline whose money will go to someone who thinks queer folks are inferior. Sad, very sad, but true. I'll miss those individual video screens and Terra Blue chips...