Tic-tac-toe world record attempt in Times Square!

What are you doing for lunch today? If you happen to be in or around Times Square, your answer should be, "Breaking a Guinness World Record, obvi!" The title up for grabs is Most Games of Tic-Tac-Toe Played Simultaneously, and the attempt kicks off at 1pm outside ABC Studios (at 44th Street and Broadway).

To snag a place in tic-tac-toe history, 500 games must be played by 1,000 players (two per game). Don't worry if you have to share the board with a stranger, because reps from Tic Tac will be handing out free breath mints to mask the effects of lunch-on-the-run. And if your boss is blowing up your BlackBerry, telling you to get back to your desk, just say you're doing charity. You won't be lying—the event coincides with Tic Tac's $100,000 contribution to CancerCare.

Sharpen your skills with a practice game above.