TopShop opening: Kate Moss, English tweens and free stuff


Photos by Virginia Rollison

Shame on you, New York, letting a gaggle of English tweens beat you into the first TopShop on American soil.

In case the tsunami of PR hasn't washed its way into your unconscious, Kate Moss was there to open the store with owner Sir Philip Green, and you can buy her outfit in TopShop (natch): A flowing green gown ($250) and studded leather jacket ($250), which many in the crowd were dying to get their hands on.

Moss's exclusive line of dresses and camisoles didn't disappoint the crowd, with elegant cuts, floral prints and a vintage touch. Most items hover around the $200 mark. Other popular items seen slung over the arms of shoppers were a feather miniskirt and romper, unobtainable, apparently, anywhere else.

Gentlemen: disturbing news. TopMan, in the basement, carries the latest "forward-fashion" fall trends, and I hate to inform you the jumpsuit is back (was it ever in?). Scary, even if the all-in-one suit ($180) is kind of natty. More appealing, perhaps, is the Carolyn Massey leather cardigan ($300).

Even if you are skint (you're in a British store now, get with the lingo), pop in to get a range of free services until Sunday, including complimentary manicures by Valley, hair styling by Williamsburg's Woodley & Bunny and a makeover from Sephora. Each offers three styles to complement three looks TopShop are debuting: "Glory Days," inspired by the English countryside; the all-American "Memphis" look; and a "Miami" '80s-style throwback.

DJs will also be playing all weekend, and highlights include the MisShapes today from 4 to 5pm, the Whip on Friday from 6 to 8pm, Lissie Trullie from 3 to 5pm on Saturday, and Kim from Matt and Kim 6--7pm on Sunday.

Finally, TopShop is giving away limited-edition Cool Britannia Tees to customers who spend more than $100 (not hard to do) while stock lasts. What are you waiting for?

TopShop, 478 Broadway at Broome St (