Toronto: Megan Fox shows off Body

Megan Fox

Only 30 hours on the ground and I'm seven films in. How is that humanly possible? Mainly by not sleeping. The movies, including some unusually strong ones, might have something to do with it as well. Lots to discuss here, but let's start off with a post about the most clamorous media event so far (and certainly the shriekiest in recent TIFF history): last night's midnight screening of Jennifer's Body.

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Arriving at the Ryerson Theater, my friends were stunned to hear a largely female cry of lust at the sight of Fox. Megan! Megan! Aiiiii!!!! No, I insisted: Her appeal is pansexual. Girls like her too. They were unconvinced. Still, we moved in closer and observed a peroxided Diablo Cody, director Karyn Kusama and other actors making their way into the sold-out venue.

Fest programmer Colin Geddes has done an impressive job lately of bringing celeb wattage to the midnight program; a calamitous Borat screening (during which the print melted in the projector) is still legendary. Last night's crowd was pumped for a bloody horror movie and that's exactly what they got, if one a little tamer than wished for. I'm not an axiomatic Megan hater, and I remember the prehype moment when Cody's script for Juno was considered fresh and vital, not sour and flip. Yet Jennifer's Body strays too quickly from its satiric intent. It's a witty idea to have a knockout like Fox playing a weapon of boy destruction; Cody's script flirts with the same femme-vengeance themes as Carrie, more successfully than the fiery ending of Inglourious Basterds, I'd say. But, as I mention in my review next week, it lacks an equal foil to Fox's force of nature and wanders away too quickly from the idea of estrogen-heavy sexual awakening.

My two cents. After some respectful postscreening applause, the evening recouped with a Q&A that supplied its fair share of heat and zingers. "She really gets Method with the fighting," Fox said of her costar, Amanda Seyfried. Responding in kind, Seyfried admitted the catfights were rewarding, then brought down the house when asked about an extended lip-lock with Fox: "That was rewarding too." Cody welcomed the idea of a sequel and agreed to endorse any spin-off products: "I would willingly make fruit snacks. Tissues. Teething rings." She likened writing the script to "avenging her childhood self" for the parental crime of being barred from watching scary movies. Everyone seemed happy to be speaking Cody's snarky dialogue, even if they sometimes didn't quite know "what the fuck it meant" (per Fox). "This is why we have writers," Kusama noted, wryly.

More posts to come, shortly!


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