So yesterday was a big day for trans folks, in both lowbrow and highbrow ways.

First, because it's so fun, the low: All My Children's trans woman, Zoe, made a big splash on Erica Kane's talk show, performing a glammy rock song while Bianca (Pine Valley's resident lesbian) sat, mooning, in the front row, and a music video of the number (shot in front of Dumbo's lez-favorite spot, Superfine, natch) flashed in the background. Erica gave a big pro-trans speech in front of her skeptical audience, and then continued with a GLAAD-orchestrated postshow talk (as Susan Lucci) about how harmful homophobic and transphobic words can be. See it here.

On a possibly further-reaching note, members of Congress yesterday finally introduced ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act), which would prohibit workplace discrimination based on "sexual orientation" and "gender identity." It's still legal in 33 states to fire someone based on sexuality, and legal in 42 to do so based on gender identity. I can't imagine this bill passing, but I can be rather cynical. Let's hope I'm wrong.