Watch this: Eat This NY tackles TONY's 2011 #100best list

Check out a video of Eat This NY blogger Brian Hoffman sampling almost every dish from TONY'S 2011 #100best list.

Brian Hoffman, the brains behind Eat This NY, has made a yearlong project out of eating every item on our 100 best dishes and drinks list since 2009. He recently finished the 2011 list—making it to 95 out of 100 spots—and created this video, showing him sampling each dish, to celebrate.

He recently stated that he won't be tackling the 2012 list on Eat This NY. "I still love the excitement and deliciousness of eating through the list," Hoffman tells us via e-mail. "It helps broaden our horizons when it comes to dinner. But I feel like I need to do something new on the blog." (Look for his own Dish of the Week posts, launching soon, which Hoffman says will "basically be the best thing I ate that particular week.") We salute you, Brian, because we're pretty sure our stomachs couldn't handle the gustatory assault.