Water in your ear

Let's play a quick game of word association. Canal. If your response was Gowanus, then chances are you're probably not heading to Venice for the 2007 Biennale, organized by former MoMA curator Robert Storr. But you can still close your eyes and pretend by tuning in to Art Radio WPS1.org's live broadcast—from a lavish barge on the water in Venice, no less. Art Radio isn't just cutting out the 8.5-hour flight and exhausting schmoozing—you can listen directly on its Web page or pick your favorite media player. It'll have news from the exhibition, interviews, music and more (including "unmoderated gossip" and "special surprises," according to its site) running 24 hours a day from now until June 10. These guys (and their Broadcast Barge) know what they're doing, having already mastered this operation at the Biennale in 2005, and they'll even archive what you might miss because of that pesky time difference, meaning you can get some sleep before they wrap on Sunday.