We were there: Fuck Your Health

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Photographs: Syd London

Pussy power was in full force at Stonewall this week, thanks to Kelli Dunham and Jessica Halem, who hosted a party to encourage queer folks to take charge of their health and get over their misgivings about their bodies (hello, butches and transmen!) and get gynecological and other cancer-preventing exams.

Joining Dunham, and RN and performance artist, and Halem, former executive director of the Lesbian Community Cancer Project in Chicago, was Jennifer Johnson, founding director of the Transgender Sexual Health Clinic and Alternative Insemination Program at Callen-Lorde (now in private practice), who lead onstage pelvic and breast exams for those unfamiliar with the routine. Recent Miss LEZ 2010 runner-up Aerial Speedwagon was among the brave queers who volunteered their bodies for the cause.

"You don't have to love your body to take care of it," noted Dunham, addressing those who may battle body or gender issues.

Visit the National LGBT Cancer Network (http://www.cancer-network.org/) or Callen-Lorde (http://www.callen-lorde.org/) to find LGBT-friendly docs.