We were there: Just for Laughs, Day Three

We couldn't tell if the smiles and the laughs shared among the Pajama Men during their set were the result of genuine surprise or if it was another mark to hit during the show. We're inclined to believe the former, and if that's the case, it's a testament to how much this sketch duo really invests in one another. (If that's not the case, it's a nice illusion.)

Paul F. Tompkins can appreciate a fan's subtle sense of humor. On his way to a punch line in an anecdote about working in a video store, he offhandedly refers to the other employees as "colleagues." There's a very clear bark from one man on the balcony. A surprised Tompkins laughs and then stops for a moment: "No one ever laughs at that. But it's my favorite thing in the world: referring to my fellow video-store clerks as 'colleagues.' God bless you."

Finally, someone cogently expressed the real underlying national difficulty about Casey Anthony! In the New Faces showcase, laconic North Carolinian Jerrod Carmichael talked about the arguments in his family, which he reported was split down the middle about the jury's decision. "On one hand, everybody that has children think she's guilty. On the other hand, those who have murdered their children..."

It's wonderful and overwhelming to be at a bar in which about half of your favorite comics, give or take, are standing around chatting and drinking. And that's really the feeling of the festival as a whole: wonderful and overwhelming.

Let's talk poutine for a moment. Never having had it, we were quite surprised that it's not on the list of leading causes of death in Canada, just below cancer but just above hockey brawls. Not obesity, mind you—poutine. Holy cow. Greg Proops put it this way: "The first bite of poutine is like booting heroin directly into your eyeball. After the second bite, your right arm starts tingling because you're having a heart attack."