We were there: Starlette Sundays: The Last Dance

  • Kim, Tali, Sabrina

  • Meredith, Dagmar, Hunter, Meagan

  • Bea

  • Teah, Wanda

  • Rhona, Samantha

  • Maine, Ruby, Coco, Taso, Jenny

  • Marilena, Ruth, Shoshannah

  • Amy Ziff, Elizabeth Ziff

  • Antonia, Annie, Amy

  • Melissa, Monica

  • DG, Sky, Randhy, DC

  • Lauren, Nicki, Anjali

Kim, Tali, Sabrina

Photographs by the Drunken Photographer

After ten years of fabulous Sunday nights, Starlette had its last hurrah this weekend. Originally a mainstay at the now defunct Starlight Lounge, the lesbian party shifted venues around the corner to Angels & Kings a few years ago. Friends and longtime regulars crowded the bar to wish host Wanda Acosta goodbye, guzzle down free shots and, of course, hook up. Amy and Elizabeth Ziff from the beloved (okay, occasionally loathed) band Betty also made an appearance.