What we talk about when we talk about me

Here's you: I think I'm falling in love with you and find myself powerless to resist the siren cry of your blog posts. Here's me: Yeah, that sounds about right. Here's you: But wait, what do you look like? I must know! I must know if you're the sylphlike creature I envision when I read about reindeer sweaters and dying plants. Here's me: Wow, are you ever shallow! But if you must know, I'll be on TV tomorrow (Saturday), news channel 4 at 6:45am on the Weekend Today in New York show talking about stuff to do in NYC this weekend. Think of it like 1 Thing only there are 6 of them. Sometimes there are 7. Here's you: Who the hell gets up that early? Here's me: I do, because it's live. Also new moms, go-getters and tweakers. Here's you: [...] Here's me: Oh, no offense. Here's you: [&*!***&%!] Here's me: Come again? Here's you: So wait, you do this every week? Here's me: Yes. Here's you: Do you want to play with my adorable new puppy? Here's me: So long as that's not a euphemism, yes I do!