What's going on: Clothing Swap Show, Gogol Bordello and a girl's night out

Clothing Swap Show

Get a jump start on your spring cleaning by attending Nashville transplant Jennings's concert and clothing swap at Fat Baby.

Gogol Bordello

Eugene Htz & Co. bring their hyperactive blend of Eastern European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern musical traditions—tempered with a heavy dose of dub and Gypsy-punk—back to the Fillmore.

David Shields

The author's Reality Hunger: A Manifesto is a stunning exercise in multigenre writing laced with a bracing argument: that literature as we know it needs to evolve to meet the complexities of modern life.

Shecky's Girls Night Out

Head to this thrice-yearly fashion and beauty fest, where the booze will be flowing (free Bacardi Silver Sangria!), a DJ will be spinning, and as many as 100 vendors will offer everything from complimentary laser cosmetic treatments to spring frocks.

"Obama: Change We Can Still Believe In?"

Political writers, including Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation and c of The New York Times, attempt to answer the titular question of this lecture by evaluating the Obama administration's performance so far.

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