What's going on: John Mayer, the Whitney Biennial and a CD swap

John Mayer

The boyish bluesman stops touching himself long enough to try and touch his fans at MSG.

75th Annual Whitney Biennial

This survey of contemporary American art is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, art events of the year, and is accompanied by the opening of Danny Meyer's museum pop-up restaurant, Sandwiched.

CD swap
Go Green with the Hype Machine

Try to rid yourself of your Spice Girls collection without the MC, comedian Max Silvestri, getting wind of your tastes.

Wayne Koestenbaum

The whip-smart critic and author gives an ambitious talk on creative writing, titled "Bulge, Glaze, Pause, Shock," which promises to provoke as much as it enlightens.

Classical music
NOW Ensemble

The group that combines pop and classical idioms premieres seven new works by composers like Judd Greenstein and Stephen Gorbos. See them now before their works are played at the NY Phil and other big houses and the ticket prices jump.

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