What's going on: Ludacris, Grinch-worthy science and why 2009 sucked

Ludacris has hos in different area codes.
Ludacris has hos in different area codes.

Ludacris at the Apollo Theater
Expect the actor-rapper to bust out some songs from his upcoming February album Battle of the Sexes.

Unnatural Selection
Columbia professor and historian Matthew Connelly will discuss ways to stem the growth of humanity. Happy holidays!

Vinyl is Forever
DJ Bobbito fights for the supremacy of wax at APT.

The 2009 It Sucked Awards
Why celebrate the coming of the New Year when you can get your rocks off pointing out the blemishes of the past?

Gay & Lesbian
Cabaret Cataplexy
Monstah Black and Ashley Brockington present a night of freakiness at their performance-art event.

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