Why I love Cobble Hill, Brooklyn


cobblehillmaster2"Pity me, I live in the nicest neighborhood in the city," says Joshua Rothkopf, TONY's senior film writer. Fighting words? Not really. "Cobble Hill is a paradise of artisanal restaurants, independently owned shops and lovely residents in sundresses. Where do I go? And still avoid the Smith Street drunkies and interlopers? You so want to click through."

His favorite restaurants:

Cafe Pedlar 210 Court St at Warren St (718-855-7129) "The most extraordinary coffeeshop opened recently: on my block. Just walking inside and breathing in the Stumptown aroma will arouse you. See? Even that cute beagle wants in."

Bocca Lupo 391 Henry St at Warren St (718-243-2522) "Eat your heart out, Edward Hopper. I know I'm not quite getting Nighthawks here, but this small-plate Italian's picture windows simply call for it. A cozy date place. Open way late."

Quercy 242 Court St at Baltic St (718-243-2151) "You say you want a steak, but one that's not really too expensive and with some mushrooms on it? Come to this mysteriously undiscovered French bistro. I'll be there."

Sam's Restaurant 238 Court St between Baltic and Kane Sts (718-596-3458) "Old-school Brooklyn, with the plastic tablecloths and the how-yous-guys-doing? waitstaff. But the pizza is extraordinary, even after the recent death of its longtime brilliant dough-stretcher (RIP)."

His other favorite places:

Cobble Hill Cinemas 265 Court St at Butler St (718-596-9113) "The painting of E.T. on the facade beguiles me. Yes, there are other paintings: Charlie Chaplin, etc. But E.T. is enough. The theater does fine, mostly mainstream fare."

The Community Bookstore 212 Court St at Warren St (718-834-9494) "John, the owner of this messy, wonderfully ramshackle bookstore, is just about to close for his customary summer hiatus. Go while you can. I can't promise that the Julio Iglasias album will still be there."