You want fries with that?

They're loving it

Among the current trend for designer collaborations, this week's oddest couple award goes to Project Runway season-one winner Jay McCarroll and McDonald's. Last Tuesday morning at the Puck Building, the fast-food chain unveiled its latest foray into fashion. To celebrate its spanking-new limited-edition Arch gift card, the burger factory tapped McCarroll to design a one-off frock. And reminiscent of all dresses inspired by corporations (remember costume designer Lizzy Gardiner's golden sheath made out of American Express cards for the 1994 Academy Awards?), McCarroll's look was created from more than 300 Arch Cards. As if watching a gaggle of editors being greeted with "Welcome to McDonald's" wasn't straight out of the Twilight Zone, the ensuing presentation was truly an exercise in fashion wackiness. Waif-thin glamazons catwalked in vintage T-shirts printed with Big Macs and fries (a funny statement considering the recent uproar about anorexic models). But what took the cake was that Grammy Award--nominated artist Kelis debuted McCarroll's dress, demonstrating McDonald's PR savvy. The sleek, flapperesque design is definitely not a silhouette that's friendly to folks who eat Big Macs thrice a day, but it's being auctioned off on eBay from December 18 through 31, to benefit a good cause—Ronald McDonald House Charities. We suggest bidding on it if you've got some extra cash lying around, and then doing your best "Milk Shake" shimmy.