Your 1 Thing for Today: Monday, Nov. 13

Mrs. Doubtfire
Is $125 to $400 burning a hole in your pocket? In love with Robin Williams ever since his turn as a comely nanny in Mrs. Doubtfire? (Homely, we mean homely nanny.) Still wanting to yell nasty epithets at Billy Crudup for that whole allegedly-leaving-a- pregnant-Mary-Louise Parker--for--Clare Danes--thing? Now look, we don't endorse the yelling of epithets, and you really need to get over that. Have you tried journaling? Maybe a little reframing? And then some inventory taking? You really should get around to that, but for tonight take yourself and your money (if you have it, since if you don't you are not getting into this event, and yes, NYC can be cruel that way but don't worry, we can't go either) to Celebrity Charades IV: The Gloves Are Off. Lots of celebs gesticulating to benefit the LAByrinth Theater Company.