Your 1 Thing for today: Thursday, Dec 7

Jeremy Enigk
Tonight you will attend Jeremy Enigk's show at the Bowery Ballroom. It will please you to know that Enigk used to front Sunny Day Real Estate , who was this writer's favorite band, like, ever, except that I couldn't listen to them all the time because they put me in a pensive, melancholic mood, and I prefer my moods cozy with lots of sunlight and an eat-in kitchen. Not really, the sun can bite my ass, and I think it did, seeing as I have a very sunny disposition and have been vaccinated against heartworms and ticks. Parvo, too, though I fear I'm coming down with a vicious case of kennel cough. I wasn't even in a kennel!

Also, go see Jeremy Enigk tonight. Go for the Enigk, stay for the way you can come back and tell me you went to see Enigk—that is, if I haven't succumbed to mange. Dogs get mange, right? Not that I'm calling myself a dog, I'm just showing off my flair for canine conditions, because you think that's sexy, right? You are really weird, you know that?