Your 1 Thing for Today: Thursday, Mar 15

Ally Sheedy: also not at SXSW

As I write this I'm not in Austin, I'm not drunk, I'm not unshowered, I'm not listening to my own ears ringing, I'm not sore from crashing on the floor of a hotel room, I'm not dragging a tote bag full of crap around, I'm not smelling like barbecue sauce, I'm not embarrassed because I hooked up with someone gross last night, and I'm not washing bird or bat shit out of my hair in the sink. Oh yes, that really happened to me once. You see, I'm not at SXSW, which means that I can go to the IFC Center, right smack-dab in the middle of the shit (well, a few blocks away), to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off at 7:30pm tonight before listening to a bunch of writers who contributed to a book about John Hughes's oeuvre talk about said oeuvre. It's a little something that happens as part of NYXNY.