Your 1 Thing for Today: Tuesday, Nov 13


There is a time and place for festive holiday decorations, and the time is now and the place is Dustin's desk. He doesn't know yet but I have plans for an extensive Nativity scene to be unveiled on his newly neatened workspace. If he puts up a fight I'll hold the Baby Jesus in front of my face and make crying noises till the guilt gets the better of him. Plus, he's so busy training for the Mr. LES Pageant (seriously: he bought a book and everything), I doubt he'd notice if I replaced his computer chair with a small manger.

But let's say you don't have the luxury of cracking open a can of Christmas on your coworker's cubicle (if this were a video game and I got points for every c, I'd have just racked up a crapload of points). Then hie thee to Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular!