Your 1 Thing for Today: Wednesday, Nov 15




The first thing to go when you become a very big important powerful person is your ability to connect with the little people. The second is your humanity. The third is your laundry. (The fifth is your grasp of rudimentary addition. The 15th is your speling, the banana is your memory. STOP STARING AT ME!)

Now where was I? Ah yes, because of No. 3, I won't be at your little laundry soiree, the one where you'll be washing your clothes while awesome authors read in two cycles, titled "wash" and "dry"—isn't that clever? You see, when I need to fix the problem of dirtiness in my clothing I simply peel off the offending garments and fling them into the nearest waste receptacle or sometimes person. Then I emit two short claps to summon my boy, who fetches me the latest whatever it is the people are wearing. That's how I'm so stylish.

But not everyone has a boy to fetch them clothing, I've come to understand, and so they should probably get together tonight at Broadway Bubbles at, say, 8pm for "Dirty Laundry: Loads of Prose," to present a united front against ring around the collar and to hear Lisa Ferber, Will Leitch and Kevin Draine.