Your 1 Thing for Today (weekend edition!): Friday, Mar 2---Sunday, Mar 4

"You did not really just say 'eat me, eat me,' on morning television?!?" a morning television producer asked me this morning, after I very much said "eat me, eat me" on air. Here is the thing, though—how else are you supposed to impersonate a Crock-Pot full of braised short ribs, which the host has just said are calling out to him? I thought so. Should said short ribs be calling out to you as well, you should get in on the hot action that is the Time Out for Hunger event on Sunday. Go to one of nearly 100 restaurants and they'll donate 10 percent of the day's proceeds to the Food Bank for New York City. And by the by, if you want to impersonate the food you're about to eat, make sure you use a really high voice and speak with your fingers sort of cupped around your mouth to indicate that you are doing a very clever impersonation. If people fail to laugh, do it again only louder.