Your 1 Thing for Today (weekend edition!): Friday, Oct 19---Sunday, Oct 21

Horses + choreography = AMAZING


Lipizzaner stallions are the only horses that can walk sideways, and while I'm not entirely sure that's 100 percent true, it's a little factoid I culled from the ten-year-old part of my brain that read horse books and dreamed about horses and knew all the horse terms and even had a strict height and appearance requirements for the horse I was going to make my own (a black Morgan with a white star, about 14 and a half hands) when my parents finally relented and bought me a horse, which they never did. Now I kind of think horses are big, dumb and sort of dangerous animals, but I could be talked out of that easily, so please refrain from sending me any sort of angry mail. Thank you. Should horses not quite do it for you, though, you could also check out the lighter side of suicide.  And of course, CMJ!