Your perfect Friday: Literary tees, high fashion and reality TV stars in the wild

"Team 2" T-shirt

Your perfect Friday wears its heart on its sleeve, and now, thanks to Novel T's new "Team 2" line launching tonight, it wears its favorite author on its back, too. Such idiosyncratic sportswear should put you in with a good chance of being picked to battle five comedians via the medium of rap freestyling at The Beatdown.

If witty tees leave you thirsting for couture, check out the Brooklyn Museum's exhibition "American High Style: Fashioning a National Collection," opening today, and take a free tour at 1:30pm.

Finally, those who proudly call themselves nerds or geeks can try out four interactive video games at "No Quarter: An Exhibition of Games" or educate themselves about the Hadron Collider, Governors Island and how reality TV stars would fare with natural selection (we're guessing—and hoping—poorly) at Nerd Nite. Treat your perfect Friday like it's your last; you never know when the Hadron Collider is going to open a portal to another dimension peopled by rabid reality TV stars.