Your perfect Saturday: Bowie Ball, Punk Beasts and the MF Toy Party

  • Swimming Cities of Serenissima

  • Swimming Cities of Serenissima

  • Swimming Cities of Serenissima

  • Spy

  • Swimming Cities of Serenissima

  • Monica

  • Orien

  • Tianna

  • Ben

  • Cyclone Roller Coaster, Coney Island, 2008

  • Grand Central Terminal I, 2008

  • Grand Central Terminal II, 2001

  • Central Park, Bethesda Fountain I, 2001

  • Central Park, Bow Bridge, 2008

  • Colgate Clock, 2009

  • South Ferry Terminal, 2001

  • Williamsburg Bridge, 2001

Swimming Cities of Serenissima

You may not have time to mount a sea assault on Venice on your perfect Saturday (put it off until next weekend), but you can go see evidence of artist Swoon and her rag-tag band doing just that in "Pankabestia: Punk Beasts of the Swimming Cities." If you're more into a peaceful experience, go see the "New York Sleeps" exhibit to see photos of a deserted city by Christopher Thomas. Interested in buying art? Art you can play with? Head to the opening reception of MF Toy Party and purchase reasonably-priced collectible art toys.

Ziggy Stardust aficionados should stock up on glitter and head to Bowie Ball, while freakish crimes against nature should lumber to the Film Forum for the screening of the Bride of Frankenstein as part of the James Whale Festival. Monsters need love too, and so does your perfect Saturday.