Your perfect Saturday: St. Paddy's pub crawl, vampire theater and a YA literature salon

YA Not? (Photo: Carrie Ryan)

College basketball conference tournaments are in full swing, but your perfect Saturday has vowed not to give away the entire day to CBS and ESPN. Nonstuffy culture calls at the YA Not? literary salon, for not-so-young adults who openly adore YA literature, as well as Sam Osterhout's Radio Happy Hour. Booze calls on The Luck of the Irish Pub Crawl, which broke a Guinness record last year for unleashing massive amounts of inebriated individuals onto the streets of New York in a somewhat organized fashion. And if the absurd strikes your fancy, know this about Straight Up Vampire: The History of Vampires in Colonial Pennsylvania: It's a play about a pretty Quaker girl and a politically idealistic bloodsucker, performed to Paula Abdul songs. Mixed-up and weird—just how your perfect Saturday likes it.