Chef wish lists

We asked 13 New York chefs what they'd like to receive this holiday season.

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    Daniel Humm's truffled eggs

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    Wolfgang Ban's Burgundy

  • Photograph: Noah Fecks

    Anita Lo's bacon of the month club

    Anita Lo's bacon of the month club

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    Daniel Angerer's Fat Duck dinner

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    Marisa May's i pad

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    Jess Nez's jamon Iberico


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    Cesare Casella's lardo

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    Dan Holzman's Le Creuset casserole

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    Masaharu Morimoto's thermos

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    Jeffrey Chodorow's selzter machine

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    Suvir Saran's wood-burning pizza oven


Daniel Humm's truffled eggs

Daniel Humm, executive chef, Eleven Madison Park
"Can I tell you what I like to give? One cool gift that I give to friends—usually they're good friends, because the gift is kind of expensive—I get a big mason jar and I fill it up with some really nice eggs from the farmers' market. Also inside the jar, I put a white truffle. It looks really cool in this see-through jar, all these eggs. And I put a little note about how to make scrambled eggs. The people that I've given it to are over the moon." White truffles are available at Eataly, 200 Fifth Ave between 23rd and 24th Sts (212-229-2560). $7.80 per gram.

Wolfgang Ban, co-owner, Seasonal, Edi & the Wolf
"I don't really need a lot. But usually I enjoy a good bottle of wine—that excites me the most. Besides my Austrian and German wines, if it's a special occasion I usually go to Burgundy. There are a couple of producers that I like: Jacques Prieur; Romane-Comti is the best of the best, but it's a little of out of the Christmas-present range." 2004 Domaine Jacques Prieur Montrachet, $675 for a bottle, at

Anita Lo, chef-owner, Annisa
"I think it would be such an obvious thing to get me the Bacon of the Month Club, but no one's ever done that.... The gift of bourbon—the really small-batch kind—is nice too. I like Stranahan's Colorado whiskey. Things that you can grow yourself are also really nice. Someone got me a mushroom log once that was already inoculated." Bacon of the Month Club, $99--$229, at

Daniel Angerer, chef-owner, Klee Brasserie, Brats, Little Cheese Pub
"I'm fanatic with food photography, so I think [I'd like] to get a super lens. I also want a date night with my spouse at a lovely restaurant. We're going to fly somewhere to Europe for three or four days and try a Michelin-starred restaurant. We'd love to go to Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck." Tasting menu at the Fat Duck, 150 euros (approx $206); visit

Marisa May, co-owner, SD26
"We have the iPad wine lists at SD26. I'm always using them at work, but I would love to have an iPad and put all of the food apps on it, read Gourmet on there, so I could easily look up all the blogs and all the write-ups on food." iPad, $499--$829, at the Apple Store, locations throughout the city; visit

Jess Nez, executive chef, Graffit
"I want an entire leg of jamn ibrico de bellota. This is Spanish Iberian cured ham that comes from acorn-fed pigs. Throw in a chorizo Ibrico (Iberian sausage), and I'm good until New Year's." Leg of jamn ibrico de bellota, preorder for $820 (bone-in) or $1,035 (boneless), at Despaa, 408 Broome St between Centre and Lafayette Sts (212-219-5050,

Cesare Casella, chef-owner, Salumeria Rosi
"One big piece of lardo di collonata. It's the best lardo, it's maybe two or three inches thick, it's aged eight or nine months. [But] it's illegal in the U.S. I would slice it on truffles from Piedmont. And I would drink a great glass of barolo or barbaresco. Since lardo di collonata is not available stateside, Casella suggests a domestic Berkshire version. Try La Quercia Iowa White Lardo, $13 per pound, at Fairway Market, locations throughout the city; visit

Dan Holzman, executive chef/co-owner, the Meatball Shop
"A Le Creuset casserole—I always wanted one, but I never got one. I love the yellow casseroles, because my mom had one. Also, there's this meat grinder called the Norpro. It's this little plastic thing that costs about $24. It's got this crazy suction cup on the bottom that attaches itself to any surface. It's one of those well-engineered pieces of kitchen equipment." Le Creuset classic dutch oven in Dijon, $190, at Williams-Sonoma, locations throughout the city; visit Norpro meat grinder $29.04, at

Masaharu Morimoto, chef, Morimoto
[Via translator] "I want a thermos bento box, because when I have to stay outside for a long time on a cold winter day for an event or an outing or something, I want to eat warm miso soup and warm steamed rice. The thermos bento box can keep food warm for a long time and it's easy to carry." Zojirushi Mr. Bento Lunch Jar bento box, $46, at

Jeffrey Chodorow, restaurateur, China Grill management
"I already have several, but I want a Sodastream seltzer maker for my office. It makes great seltzer, and you're not dragging bottles all over the place. I always drink sparkling water; I think it's refreshing. I think it's good for digestion." Sodastream soda maker, $79.95--$199.95, at locations throughout the city; visit

Suvir Saran, chef-owner, Devi
"A wood-fired pizza oven. Either a Wood Stone, or one made by a mason who's done it before. I would [use it to] create flavors and bites, all in the form of pizza. Something a little bit exotic but in a manner that's a little bit accessible." Wood-fired pizza oven, $10,000--$40,000, at

Marc Meyer, executive chef/co-owner, Cookshop, Five Points, Hundred Acres
"A CVap cooker. They hold food, they cook, you can steam in them, they're really fantastic machines. They're great for parties, particularly: You can batch things. You can poach in them easily. They're great for cooking fish, kind of a braise or a steam; they're great for slow-cooking pork belly. It produces great results, things are very tender, and it doesn't overcook." CVap, $1,300--$2,800, at

Craig Koketsu, chef, the Hurricane Club
"[I'd love to get some] Hinano—a Tahitian beer that's hard to get in the U.S. But I also like Hitachino. That's probably one of my favorite beers. They have a few different kinds. They have a red rice, and a white—it's almost like a white wheat beer. In the white beer, especially, there's a lot of floral and citrus tones that really complement the kinds of food I like, spicy Asian flavors." Hitachino, $4.89 per 11.2-ounce bottle, at Sunrise Mart, 494 Broome St between Broadway and Wooster St (212-219-0033) * 29 Third Ave at Stuyvesant St (212-598-3040)

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