Healthy lunches in NYC

TONY checks out five health-conscious lunch joints to see which of them are worth their salt.

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Revd Up Pi
451 Third Ave at 31st St (212-679-3743,
The shtick: This Murray Hill pizzeria falls in line with the rest of the New Food Order: It's serious about sustainability (with biodegradable utensils, chairs fashioned from recycled soda bottles and on-site composting), proudly junk-free (no preservatives, chemicals, hormones, artificial sugars or hydrogenated fats) and eager to profess its healthfulness at every turn. The good news for waist watchers is that the average Revd slice is about 200 calories less than its greasy brethren, thanks to sugar-free doughs and sauces, and lighter toppings like turkey bacon and bay scallops. For $1.50 extra, you can even sprinkle on a "Revver," one of the joint's booster powders that promises to "vitalize," "energize" or "slenderize."
What we ate: The Mac and Cheezy Pi ($4) was a tangle of al dente whole-wheat noodles heaped atop a pita-thin, 16-grain crust and blanketed with low-fat cheddar. Even tastier was the turkey pepperoni roll ($9.50), stuffed with oozing mozzarella and thin wheels of zesty meat, and served alongside fiber-enriched marinara sauce.
The verdict: The eats pull a solid B, but Revd needs to lose the slime-green dishware and get its staffing up to par. The clown working the register botched two items in our order, and moved so slowly that the woman behind us stormed out. Props are earned, however, for the free classier-than-usual condiments (spicy garlic, white truffle oil) and late-night hours (Thursday--Sunday till 5am).