Healthy lunches in NYC

TONY checks out five health-conscious lunch joints to see which of them are worth their salt.

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Slice, the Perfect Food
1413 Second Ave between 73rd and 74th Sts (212-249-4353) * 535 Hudson St between Charles and Perry Sts (212-929-2920) *
The shtick: Twin sisters Miki and Radha Agrawal describe themselves as "jocks who like to eat comfort food made with the right ingredients." Right is defined as organic vegetables, hormone-free meats, low-fat and vegan cheeses, craft beers and regional wines. The ingredients alone aren't that healthful, but portion control is key: Each triangular slice of pizza is cut into four smaller pieces, forcing the eater to go slowly and really think about what they're shoving down their gullet.
What we ate: The Miki ($6.50) was showered with free-range crumbled chicken sausage, a peppery complement to the rich goat cheese, juicy diced tomatoes and honey-enriched whole-wheat crust. The Taste of India slice ($4.50) wedded onion-spiked channa masala with part-skim mozzarella—an unlikely but pleasing combination. But the Professional BBQ Chicken ($5.50) was our favorite: tender shredded poultry slathered with a garlicky, paprika-and-cumin-spiced sauce, hugged by melty mozzarella and christened with crisp bits of jalapeo.
The verdict: A terrific option if you have enough self-control to keep your portions in check. One slice should do it—much more than that and you may as well eat at Sbarro.

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