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  1. Paul Wagtouicz
    Paul Wagtouicz

    Pizza con scarola at Prova

  2. Paul Wagtouicz
    Paul Wagtouicz

    Pizza con pomodoro del piennolo at Prova

  3. Paul Wagtouicz
    Paul Wagtouicz

    Ghiaccio pizza at Prova

  4. Paul Wagtouicz
    Paul Wagtouicz

    Wood-burning oven at Prova

  5. Paul Wagtouicz
    Paul Wagtouicz


Naples-inspired Prova slings pizza and pasta in Chelsea

Ribalta's Pasquale Cozzolino pulls pies from a mosaic-tiled wood-burning oven

At this ode to Naples, pizza pro Pasquale Cozzolino (Ribalta) pulls pies based on ancient recipes and fires them inside a mosaic-tiled wood-burning oven. Partnering with Donatella Arpaia (Heartwood, Donatella) and Maurizio de Rosa (Sushi Nakazawa), Cozzolino has created a chronology of pizzas for the menu: The 1660s-style Mastunicola is lacquered with pork lard and sprinkled with pecorino; a marinara pie calls back to the early 1800s when tomatoes became prevalent; while a purist Margherita harks to 1889, named for the queen who loved it. More modern options include inventive rounds like the Ghiaccio, baked with ice chips on top to keep the dough moist and its delicate sea urchin and sheep’s-milk toppings from drying out. Pies are joined by imported Gentile pasta for dishes like tomato-basil spaghetti and lasagna with house-made tomato ragù. The vino (greco, aglianico) spreads across the Italian boot, as does the bottled beer (Baladin Tuscan-style ale, Menabrea amber ale) and the decor (marble-top tables, Thonet chairs). 184 Eighth Ave between 19th and 20th Sts (no phone yet)
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